Organization Skills

Be An Awesome Project Organizer

Managers create beauty out of the largest mess, or rather order from a blackhole-do you have what it takes to do this as a project manager?  All project managers have to be organized, there is no going around it. It’s not a fly by the seat of your pants sort of job. That leads to project organization. It’s imperative to the job, like the Japanese story about the little girl who kept wearing the wrong shoes on the wrong feet. In order to save her feet and possibly her posture, the parents found a solution.  On her shoes they put a half  of a smiley face and when the shoes are placed together the child was able to see a total smile face.

Organization is extremely important when it comes to creating any project.  When organizing remember the main idea is practicality and tactical efforts. It’s always important to make sure that you have meetings regularly. Some options that you might consider are weekly check-in’s or possibly. Also, there should always be another meeting in the future. The project size is what creates the frequency of the meetings and of course the frequencies are delineated by the urgency that the project manager and the team operate under. These days meetings take several forms, most project management meetings are done virtually, because so many people has so many different duties.  For the project manager the meeting should be done with a plan in mind.

Like most meetings on the web now, there are tools that will make the meeting proses for everyone involved.  Project managers have in the past used  tools like Outlook and Excel, and still others like Asana which were created to be task management systems. These tools get the job done, but tools can only take you so far, the rest is standard project management details. For instance it is important to continue to work with a positive and determined mindset so that you too can get the project moving where it needs to be.