Project Management Methodology

A core project management skill is understanding the four phases of project management:  (1) Initiation, (2) Planning, (3) Execution, and (4) Closeout.  Here are some of the major deliverables in each phase:


  • Understand / Define the Business Case
  • Complete the Project Charter
  • Identify Project Team Members


  • Identify Resources and Complete the Resource Plan
  • Develop a Detailed Project Plan
  • Assess Project Risks and Summarize in Risk Assessment

project management methodology


  • Manage the Project Schedule Versus the Plan
  • Manage and Keep Risk Assessment Updated
  • Monitor Quality and Cost Versus Charter Deliverables
  • Communicate all of the Above at an Established Frequency
  • Summarize Charter Deliverables Vs. Actual Accomplishments
  • Complete Project Closeout Report