Project Manager Responsibilities

Here are the responsibilities of a project manager at a high level –

  • Document, review, and communicate project deliverables.  This is commonly done with a project charter document.  Keep the project charter up to date as the project moves forward.
  • Create a high-level implementation plan and identify the external resources (suppliers subcontractors, consultants, etc.), internal resources (support needed from functional departments, etc), financial resources, and core project team members.
  • Once required resources are finalized, confirm that the project is still viable (financial justification, resources available, etc).
  • Identify risks that could impact a successful project outcome (i.e. technical feasibility not fully confirmed at the start of the project, sub-contractor might not be able to support the project, etc.).
  • Create a detailed implementation plan that includes milestone deliverables and project update meetings at the appropriate points in time.
  • Execute the project.
  • Formally close out the project after completion and review results / lessons learned for future projects.