Subject Matter Expertise

Develop Insight and Strength When It Comes to Subject Matter

Knowledge is power, it’s the binding sense that we all have and of course it is what we need to have to give us credence and respect from peers. As a prospective project manager it’s important to know the organization, what the clients expect, the brand, and of course the ability to listen to concerns that your clients, team and consumers may have.

You can develop this insight by:

Setting up a learning time each week

Even the most experienced project managers set up a time each week to learn more about the organization that they work with and of course to make sure that all of their tasks have been done to the best ability that they can be. Use this time to address any additional issues that might be hanging in the balance.

Consider these questions:

  • How do things really need to go in order to process the best of the best for your clients?
  • Who will be affected by it?
  • What needs to happen to create stellar projects?

As a project manager it stands to reason that if there is a technical issue, then you are in charge of finding an answer. The attributes of most project managers includes the fact that they have to be productive, and the stereotypical go-getter. Becoming a subject matter expert is like teaching yourself to walk . Yes, walk-there is not one single person that can do it for you. You have to go out there and learn everyday, explore the niche and adjust your project to meet that niche’s needs as necessary.

The team that you work with has to work well with you and you as the subject matter project manager have to bring something to the table that others do not have. That being said, effective project managers have to be able to establish their role and commit to a project.

Remember, if you don’t know something use your “learning time” that you have scheduled into your day-to figure it out, or learn to be a multi-tasker. Learning to multitask and schedule your day properly helps you to be on the road to delivery and project enhancement. If you create time in your schedule then you should be able to get it done the right way. Don’t be caught being the project manager that does not look for the answers and instead waits for the information to come to them-participation in an active form is yours now, take advantage of that today.